About Vivien Florist

Vivien florist started after my own wedding. I decided to do all my wedding flowers and wanted to make sure all the flower arrangements would be perfect so I decided to take some flower arrangement classes. I took a weekend intensive class to learn the basics. After that weekend, I wanted to learn more. I then subscribed to another week of classes. I got enough knowledge to make my flower arrangements. The flowers came out really nice. Then friends started to ask me to do flowers for their weddings and then referrals through friends and family after.

I learnt a lot throughout all these years, new technologies and new techniques. However, I have decided to go back to the basics by using as little floral foams as possible. People need to learn how toxic the traditional floral foams are to our environment.

Now, I specialize in weddings and events. But I also make fresh, artificial and preserved (super trendy now) flower arrangements for special occasions and holidays. I like to custom make all arrangements (regardless bouquets or wreaths or anything) because I believe every gift should be unique.

We love to help you find the perfect gift for you or your family/friends. We are in the DDO area, West Island of Montreal.