This couple was holding their wedding in a tent at a golf course in Laval. They wanted a natural and organic wedding. The bride wanted only white flowers with some blue accents and greenery.

Bridal Bouquet

I always like to start designing the most important piece for the bride, which is the bridal bouquet. For this wedding, the bride loves peonies and the wedding was in late Spring, so we decided to have a luxurious white peonies bouquet.

We had white peonies, white roses, blue thistles and limoniums, decorated with the beloved eucalyptus in the bouquet.

Natural white and blue bridal bouquet with peonies, roses, dendrobiums, thistles and eucalyptus

Maids’ Bouquets

Now for all the maids, the bride wanted to have a different bouquet for the maid of honor than the bridesmaids. Hence we had 2 different designs for the maid’s bouquet.

First, we have the maid of honor’s unique asymmetrical bouquet, which was composed of white roses, white carnations, Queen Anne’s lace, blue thistles, limonium and eucalyptus.

Garden wedding bouquet with white roses, Queen Anne’s laces, thistles and eucalyptus (Top view)

Next we have the bridesmaids’ bouquet, which was a simpler version made with white roses, white carnations, Queen Anne’s laces, limonium, salal and eucalyptus.

Simple bridesmaids’ bouquet with roses, carnations, Queen Anne’s lace and greenery

Groom’s Boutonniere

To match the bride, the groom had this white and blue boutonniere consisted of white rose, blue thistles, limonium and eucalyptus.

White and blue boutonniere with rose, thistle, limonium and eucalyptus

Family’s Boutonnieres & Corsages

For the family’s boutonnieres and wrist corsages, we decided to use white dendrobium orchids for the elegance.

White wrist corsage with dendrobium, thistle and baby’s breath
White boutonniere with dendrobium and limonium

Guest Centerpieces

As for the guest tables, we decided to go for a simple white and green centerpiece, made of white hydrangeas, baby’s breath and thistles.

White and green centerpiece with hydrangeas, baby’s breath and thistles

Sweet Heart Table Centerpiece

For the sweet heart table, the bride wanted to have different sizes of centerpieces, but with a similar look of the guest centerpieces. The head table centerpieces were made with hydrangeas, baby’s breath, limonium, thistles and eucalyptus.

Sweet heart table centerpieces with white hydrangeas, baby’s breath, thistles and eucalyptus

All the wedding flower arrangements were going for an organic, garden feel. We used a lot of white flowers, greenery and decorated with a dash of blue. The arrangements are simple, elegant and beautiful.